Kendall and West Kendall

Welcome to our vibrant communities, where suburban living meets the exciting pulse of Miami-Dade County. As your dedicated real estate agent, I am thrilled to guide you through the diverse and thriving neighborhoods that make these areas a sought-after choice for individuals and families alike.

About Kendall:

Education is a priority in Kendall, with a range of schools, both public and private, ensuring quality learning opportunities for residents. The community's commitment to a balanced lifestyle is evident through its parks, cultural amenities, and a welcoming environment that fosters a sense of community

Situated in the southwestern part of Miami-Dade County, Their limits Florida extend from the Snapper Creek Canal in the north to US1 in the east, with the western boundary marked by Florida's Turnpike, and in the south, it is bordered by the Cutler Drain Canal.

Kendall is a sprawling suburban haven known for its residential charm and family-friendly atmosphere. As you explore Kendall, you'll discover a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, catering to various preferences. The area boasts commercial centers like the renowned Dadeland Mall, offering a shopping and dining experience that adds to the vibrant lifestyle Kendall provides.

Kendall in Florida is known for having some of the wealthiest communities and homeowner's associations in Miami:


Jackson Heights: An affluent community behind the Kendall Baptist Hospital featuring opulent homes on spacious lots, some elevated up to 20+ feet above sea level.

Sabal Chase: Right across from Miami-Dade college Campus is a meticulously maintained and pristine community adorned with charming trails and picturesque parks.

Snapper Village Condominium: 90 acres of landscaped property filled with trees and a lake, tennis courts and swimming pool.

Downtown Dadeland Condominiums: With over 40 different floor plans "A Village Within a City" offers residents a unique urban vibe where they can live, work and play on top of Downtown Dadeland stores across from Miami's landmark Dadeland Mall.

Pearl Dadeland: The epitome of luxury living, with unmatched amenities and extensive interior features to suit your needs.

Snapper Creek Townhouse: 100-acre residential community comprised of cozy townhomes nicely landscape with trails and beautiful parks.

Village of Kendale, Kendale South, and Kendale Country Club Estates: a trio of neighborhoods within a one thriving community. Scenic walk trails, lush green areas, and the inviting Kendale Park, to create a harmonious living environment.

About West Kendall:

West Kendall, an extension of Kendall, offers a seamless blend of residential tranquility and accessibility.

This area, situated to the west of Kendall, has witnessed significant growth and development but their borders are not clearly defined, primarily comprising gated communities, apartment buildings, and strip malls. It is situated between the Everglades and the Florida Turnpike. Their residents enjoy a suburban lifestyle, surrounded by parks, recreational facilities, and plenty of community events that bring neighbors together.

The real estate landscape in West Kendall reflects a variety of housing options, providing choices that suit different preferences and lifestyles. With well-connected transportation links, getting around West Kendall and beyond is convenient, making it an ideal location for those who desire suburban living without sacrificing proximity to Miami's metropolitan offerings.

West Kendall in Florida is known for having some of the largest residential communities and homeowner's associations in Florida, here are the most popular:


The Crossings: A lush garden community with multiple trails ideal for biking or jogging.

Kendall Square: A large community with a mix of residential and commercial properties.

The Hammocks: A well-established neighborhood with various subdivisions and amenities likes 3 club houses, gyms, Large Lakes, Parks, Tenis, and more.

Kendall Lakes: Known for its lakes and green spaces, this area has several residential communities.

Country Walk: Presenting its distinctive country styled landscape with long trails and beautiful parks.

Three Lakes: Like the name implies, this community is set around 3 large lakes where the largest residences share one of the most beautiful backyards in Florida.

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